Global Spectrum Energy Services is the local supplier of marine lubricants in Nigeria. Aegean Marine Petroleum is a leading global bunker physical supplier and has also been trading marine lubricants for many years, supplying vessels internationally from carefully selected major marine brands, providing the full range of mineral & synthetic lubricants to all major and minor ports worldwide.

AEGEAN is also able to supply its customers with a complete range of private branded marine lubricants, under the ALFA brand name, manufactured in one of the most modern blending plants in Greece (ex TEXACO blending plant acquired by AEGEAN).

AEGEAN's ALFA marine lubricants are blended from internationally selected base oils and additives, consisting of top quality mineral, synthetic lubes and greases, which meet the requirements and specifications of the major Original Engine Manufacturers.

Through its existing global network of offices and facilities for the bunkers supplies, AEGEAN apart from the Greek market, it also developed and continues to develop a network of marine lube blenders, partner independent companies, in all major ports worldwide, where it produces and supplies its own ALFA marine lubricants.

At AEGEAN, we don't just sell lubricants, we provide a top level commercial, operational and technical service. We consider lubricants as one of the most important factors in the engine's performance and that proper lubrication minimizes engine operation and maintenance costs. Thus, our technical and sales teams are always available to advise customers and tailor services to their specific needs.

AEGEAN's commitment is the continuous improvement and progress, by providing services and products of excellent quality in competitive prices, thus always being the ship owner's long term complete and safe choice.

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