In partnership with Foundation for Youth Development (FYD), we train students in Maritime courses - Marine Navigation and Marine Engineering. On successfull completion of the training, students are issued the following certificates: Diploma In Maritime Education And Training, Basic Safety Certificate, Oil Tanker Familiarization Certificate, Chemical Tanker Familiarization Certificate, Liquefied Gas Tanker Familiarization Certificate, Oil Tanker Familiarization (IMO's endorsement), Chemical Tanker Familiarization (IMO's endorsement), Liquefied Gas Tanker Familiarization. (IMO's endorsement), Security Awareness Certificate, Engine Room/Bridge Simulation Certificate, Certificate of Competency (COC).

    Marine Engineering Courses
    1. Marine Physical
    2. Basic operation of Air Compressors
    3. Basic Informatics
    4. Maintenance and Repair of Marine Systems
    5. Ship Theory
    6. Maintenance and Repair of Diesel Systems
    7. Basic Operation of Electric Station and electric systems
    8. Basic Operation of Marine Pumps and blower system
    9. Maintenance and repair of Deck Equipments
    10. Basic Welding
    11. Bench Work
    12. Basic Lathing
    13. Operation of Marine Boiler
    14. Operation of Purifier
    15. Tolerance and Measuring technique
    16. Marine Environment Protection
    17. Safety and Work Organization
    18. Watch Keeping
    19. Internal Combustion
    20. Arrangement of Marine propulsion.

    Marine Navigation Courses
    1. Ship Theory
    2. Marine Physical
    3. Basic Skill of Seaman
    4. Ship Hull Maintenance
    5. Marine Meteorology
    6. Marine Law
    7. Magnetic Compass
    8. Deck Equipment and Machinery
    9. Ship Maneuvering
    10. Cargo Handling and Transportation
    11. Watch Keeping
    12. Marine Occupational Safety
    13. Navigation and Radio Electronics
    14. Terrestrial Navigation
    15. Basic Informatics
    16. Marine Environmental Protection
    17. COLREG 72
    18. Maritime Signal

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